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Социальная сеть: Совет Народных Комиссаров, SowNar.Com
Council of People's Commissars of the SowNar.Com

Community Совет Народных Комиссаров

People's Commissariats

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Our People's Commissars

  1. Tudor Spataru


People's Commissariat for Agriculture: Commissar (vacant)
  1. XML Manual(Rus)
People's Commissariat for Military Affairs: Commissars (vacant)
  1. Игра "…очистить все клетки"/Game
  2. Puzzle
People's Commissariat for Naval Affairs: Commissar (vacant)
  1. New York Kabbalah Group Purim Celebration
People's Commissariat for Trade and Industry: Commissar (vacant)
  1. The compound and method of mercury affected objects cleaning
  2. New York Limousine Luxury Service: LuxLim
  3. Musician style punk rock clothing and t-shirts
  4. Wholesale Shipping Supplies
  5. Printet T-Shirts
  6. For sale – CONDO: West Palm Beach


People's Commissariat for Education:Commissar (vacant)
  1. Laboratory evening discussion
  2. New York Structural Biology Discussion Group- 4th Winter Meeting
  3. Tutoring in Mat', Physics, Computer Science
  4. Tutoring in Chemistry
  5. University Physics I
  6. University Physics II
  7. University Physics II (Fall 2008)
  8. Sownar Information for Webmasters
  9. The Phenomenon of Information (Rus) / ФЕНОМЕН ИНФОРМАЦИИ
  10. The Physics of Everyday Phenomena


People's Commissariat for Food: Commissar (vacant)
  1. - сайт танцевальной студии "Ранин"
  2. Rudy Merson: unique artist, painter and photographer
  3. Arts. Artist: Galina Lampert
  4. Jaime Clay Art


People's Commissariat for Foreign Affairs: Commissar (vacant)
  1. Israel
  2. Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili


People's Commissariat for Interior Affairs: Commissar: (vacant)
  1. Norillag
  2. Archive of the Jewish Woman
  3. Information Security
  4. Soviet Propaganda Posters


People's Commissariat for Justice: Commissar: (vacant)
  1. MEMOIRS/ Воспоминания А.И.Лебедь, Гейнц Гудериан, Светлана Аллилуева, Михаил Горбачев, Никита Сергеевич Хрущев, Уинстон Черчилль, Валерий Аграновский, …


People's Commissariat for Labour: Commissar: (vacant)
  1. Environmental Health Center (Old site)
  2. Environmental Health Center (New site)


People's Commissariat of Nationalities: Commissar: (vacant)
  1. Mountain Jews
  2. Tefillin


People's Commissariat for Post and Telegraph:Commissar (vacant)
  1. New York blowing snow
  2. Snow covered table and chairs on balcony
  3. Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  4. Bay Ridge 41st annual ragamuffin parade/
  5. Shore Road, Brooklyn, New York, USA
  6. Shore Road Park
  7. Brooklyn: After Celebration
  8. Pictures of a Snowy Day
  9. Puerto Rico Vacation
People's Commissariat of Railways: (vacant)
  1. Помню из детства. Чегем./ This is what I remember from my childhood. Chegem. (Rus)


People's Commissariat of Finance: Commissar (vacant)

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